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Dancewear for Tweens ✨ - Whitney Deal
March 05, 2023

Dancewear for Tweens ✨

It's tough to outfit your dancing tween. Styles are often too cutesy or too mature, can I get an amen?! We designed the ribbed separates to give your dancer the style she wants and the coverage she deserves without growing her up too fast.

ribbed separates dancewear

As a parent, I'm often torn with the dance industry pulling my kids to be more -- more over the top, more revealing, more mature. It's OKAY to say some things are TOO much. And their dancewear is one of them. 

Our dancewear separates are comfortable and tested by kids who move A LOT. They also have higher waistlines. Tween bodies are changing and growing so we're mindful of that with our separates. We've found that kids are confident when they dance -- and who doesn't love a happy, confident tween :)

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Measuring Girth for Leotards - Whitney Deal
February 27, 2023

Measuring Girth for Leotards

The most frequent questions we get at Whitney Deal Dancewear, are ALL about sizing. We get it. Sizing is tough

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